This is what monopoly looks like

With one “candidate” for each and every city council “race”, Beacon today suffocates.

Click to access City-of-Beacon.pdf

Approximately 5000 citizens of Beacon are registered Democrats. Approximately 1400 are registered Republican. The rest of us conspiring 3000 or so basically are unaffiliated.

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Just over half the citizens are registered Democrat and just under half are not… and the citizenry can’t muster a second candidate for city council in any race, let alone a healthy five to ten candidates.

Representative government? Certainly not democracy.

Nietzsche on “Climate Change”

I’ve been re-reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s masterpiece Beyond Good and Evil lately, including parts I skipped last time. Turns out his work was even more prescient than I ever understood.

His take on “climate change” can be found in section 242. Here’s an excerpt:

“a great physiological process is taking place… the process of the assimilation of all [peoples, leading to] their growing detachment from the conditions under which races dependent on climate… originate, their increasing independence of any definite milieu which, through making the same demand for centuries, would like to inscribe itself on soul and body…”

The more people move about land restlessly, unmoored and “supra-national”, the more detached from concerns of a climate heretofore inscribed in soul and body peoples become.

Star studded section of my BGE.

Section 242 offers a critique of forces already evident in the 1880s, when Nietzsche was writing. These forces have metastasized in the intervening years, to be sure.

How to retrench? Embrace the climate of a bioregion for a lifetime… and do what you can to empower your clan to do so, as well.

Election Month, A.D 2020

The final day of the election marathon of A.D. 2020 is unfolding as I write. Or is it?

I headed to the poll for my ward around 11:15. The local VFW (Post 666!) hosted this particular rendition of the process of voting for my *representatives* and judges administering various jurisdictions. (Now that President Trump systematically is ending foreign wars, may be the time to repurpose this fine building has arrived.)

Soon after I fell into the relatively short line to vote, the folks in front of me mentioned multiple attempts to vote prior to “election day” at the one nearby polling place handling “early voting” – all of which failed for various reasons for them.

Next thing I knew, a poll worker was checking whether anyone in the line resided in ED-2 part of Ward 4. We reviewed a map illustrating demarcations; however, the map seemed unreliable due to at least one misnaming of a road on it – my street!

This map is correct as of today – I think.

I gambled it was worth the trouble to check whether I was in ED-2, as such residents could pass the entire line! As I made my way inside the building, my neighbors across the streets – who have lived in Beacon forever – stood in line. “We’re in ED-1”, she said. “I’ll take a chance and see”, I offered as I made my way inside with the poll worker.

Low and behold – both myself and my neighbor live in Ward 4, ED-2.

After skipping the line and landing my ballot, I perused it. Quickie thoughts on the ballot experience in context of the current system of governance in place across the jurisdiction of the U.S.A., in which “representative” governments are seated through a system in which the citizen with the most votes in any given race is seated as a “representative” of the people residing in a particular jurisdiction:

(Almost) Fight Nite at Dogwood

So local watering hole Dogwood held a “Fight Nite” in honor of the first presidential candidate “debate” here in the states. Unfortunately, the theme almost erupted inside – and for important reasons.

Credit: Dogwood

After Sleepy Joe gave a surprisingly strong performance in the tightly controlled show, I walked over to the bar from a booth at which I’d been marooned to control for COVID risk. I offered up the fact that Joe’s show was rather inspired all things considered to a couple of fine-looking fellows. Then, I disclosed I was a Trump voter who planned once again to vote for him. Of course, the snowflakes got really cold really fast.

Long story short, one poser proffered that the reason he supports no borders is to punish citizens for expecting a good clip more Feral Reserve Notes than minimum wage for construction work. Alien “day workers” clear $250/day for their work (cash sans tax, of course); therefore, citizens expecting/demanding more compensation for such work are greedy bastards. As an operator of a construction company in the city according to himself, unions are the problem; as such, “no borders” are imperative to practice – ostensibly so aliens can execute labor critical to his enterprise for his profit not to mention the, er, greater good?

One thing that can be said for this loser? He’s got his bottom line in mind when voting for the presidency if nothing else.

And who among us can afford to vote otherwise—besides the well-positioned and paper wealthy?

Sadly, he quickly dropped any pretense of honorable exchange once he understood I planned to vote for Trump; in fact, he threatened violence within minutes of that moment. (Did I take offense to his insults? I reckon I did. So sue me.)

I’ve noticed the quick tack to threats of violence from many young men when their shallow beliefs are exposed for the nihilism at their base. And it’s no wonder: Who left to suffer such indignities by forces far greater than he or she may ever comprehend wouldn’t resort to it?

Weekend at Biden’s

The presidential-election circus is passing through the states and territories (and district) located above and below the 42nd parallel on and around Turtle Island once again this year. The ringmasters are having another laugh at the expense of Mother Earth and Father Sun – and they couldn’t care less since they believe, or at least behave as if, their salvation lay exclusively elsewhere.

As for men, women, and children who honor the land, soil, water, air, plants, and animals that constitute the ecosystem enabling our lives to play out – not to mention themselves and their peoples? Consider, if you will, that this monotheist-driven approach, which currently dominates the lives of so many people across the globe, may not be working out so well – for not only *us* but the entire planet; then, it becomes clear that very specific people among us behave in ways that lead to destruction for us all. So there’s that…

Back to the point of the post: Only a week ago, the walking cadaver otherwise known as Joe Biden was down and out in his pursuit of the Democratic nomination for president of THE UNITED STATES. Then, South Carolina happened with Super Tuesday hot on its heels—and instead of Weekend at Bernie’s we got Weekend at Biden’s.

Today, the remaining Democratic candidates for loser to Donald Trump in the election for president of THE UNITED STATES this November seem to be the following ones:

Since Joe’s strong showing in South Carolina last weekend, the following candidates have not only dropped out but endorsed the careering cadaver:

And these candidates dropped out but have yet to announce an allegiance:

What’s a corporate apologist intelligentsium to do? Good question.

Mr Casale, Build Beacon a Wall!

The citizens (and undocumented immigrants) of Beacon are ready to get medieval, mister mayor. We’ve had enough of unchecked development of our faire city. The time has come to revisit a practice of our forefathers of yore.

Walls have ensured the safety and sovereignty of cities since time immemorial. When invaders (such as developers) arrive at the gates, the citizens (and undocumented immigrants) are able to decide whether to allow them in.

Today, our faire city sports no walls. Developers are developing. It seems these developers have no intention of stopping, either.

The City of Beacon comprises 4.8 square miles. A wall built approximately 10 feet tall and 2 feet thick would take approximately 2 years to build with adequate funding, commitment, and management.

In fact, the citizens (and undocumented immigrants) fully expect the developers themselves to pay for this wall. What with the increased real estate valuations to be realized by their current assets within the city, developers will be more than able to fund the design and build of the edifice.

Our French-speaking friends to the north are obvious partners for us as we pursue this endeavor. Quebec City has maintained its ramparts since the 17th century– though it must be said that they haven’t been doing such a good job with the gates.


By 2020, our faire city will be safe and secure again for citizens (and undocumented immigrants) to enjoy at our leisure. The future looks bright (and walled), indeed!